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Welcome to iKube

Congratulations! In considering telematics (black-box) based insurance you’re about to take the first important step towards more affordable learner driver insurance.

This is great news for you and your parents. Using black-box insurance shows how serious you are about driving safely and responsibly.

The second important step is in choosing iKube, one of the most technically advanced telematics solutions currently available.

As car insurance for young drivers, iKube uniquely combines the benefits of established telematics technology with new RAC Advance functionality. Together they provide you with the tools and technology necessary for you to improve your driving skills, drive responsibly, arrive safely and avoid the likelihood of accidents. They will, in time, help you get your young driver insurance premiums down to the lower levels enjoyed by the millions of experienced and responsible drivers who use our roads.

All you have to do is to choose it, use it and “prove it” and the prize of affordable young driver insurance is yours. Even better news for you and your parents! And if you’re prepared to spread the word about iKube, there are even more exciting rewards on offer for you too!

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How it works





Telematics – make the right choices

iKube uses RAC Advance telematics to provide services that enhance your car ownership experience. Using data from your vehicle iKube is able to provide you with key feedback on your driving style, location and journey history as well as important information and advice on the health of your vehicle.

By monitoring your driving style iKube is able to provide you with an ongoing young driver insurance score. This driver score is an indication of the risk of accident but also an indication of how efficiently you’re driving. Maintaining a high score will not only make you a safer driver but save you money on fuel and maintenance costs – this is especially beneficial when you drive your own car. Location and journey information can provide you with the security of knowing where your vehicle is and also provide useful records of all your journeys.

Data from the device is combined with the RAC’s 120 years of vehicle maintenance experience to provide you with guidance on vehicle faults. When the RAC is able to detect a fault remotely we will contact you to provide advice on steps to take.

If you’re unfortunate enough to breakdown at the roadside the information from the telematics device will allow the RAC to quickly locate you and also provide specialist information on the fault. This will allow the RAC to provide a fast and accurate response.

Technology – smaller and more powerful than ever

The installation of the black-box device is carried out by one of our professional fitting engineers. The fitting is quick and easy and usually takes less than 30 minutes. You’ll be contacted by our fitting partner who will arrange a convenient time and place to fit the device. They may require you to show your driving licence and vehicle registration details to confirm your name, age and the vehicle’s identity.

Manage your progress and your running costs using your RAC App

The app provides a simple and useful insight into the status of your vehicle and your driving behaviour, with a number of key features you’ll find intuitive and useful. Features include real-time vehicle location, journey history including start/end locations, MOT/service dates and insurance information. Driver scoring provides a view of how well you’re driving, along with tips on how to improve. Enhancing the driver score not only reduces your risk of accidents but also improves the fuel efficiency and costs of running your vehicle.

Your Data and You

The RAC telematics device inside your car uses key data to provide you with insight into your vehicle health, journey history, driving behaviour, journey times and urban driving.

The management of the data follows the RAC’s strict rules and procedures on data privacy and security and systems are in place to ensure this data is always safe and secure. Data will only be used for the purpose you agree to.

The following data will be used:

Driving behaviour data:

Data on hard acceleration, braking and speeding will be used to provide you with a score and advice to lower vehicle costs and improve safety.

Location data:

Will be provided to you to locate your vehicle and may be used with your consent to locate the vehicle in an emergency.

Historical Journey Data:

Will be provided to you as journal of your past journeys.

Vehicle Health data:

Will be used to provide you with advice on the safety and maintenance of your vehicle.

Proud to work with the

Founded in 1897, the RAC is the UK’s first established and most experienced breakdown provider with over eight million members and a wealth of innovative solutions to issues affecting vehicles. They fix four out of every five cars at the roadside in an average of 30 minutes and their patrol vans carry over 500 parts and tools to get you moving again. RAC telematics is yet another way in which they’re helping their customers get more from motoring.


“Very pleased with the service and price. Would recommend to anyone looking for young drivers insurance.”

“Fitting service was excellent and hopefully this box will help to reduce my insurance next year.”

“Clear concise and pleasant. Helpful and a pleasure to deal with.”

“Used iKube over 3 years to cover two teenage sons’ insurance needs. Whoever we have had contact with has been exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. We don’t hesitate to recommend iKube.”

“Excellent personal service at a competitive price.  Also have had a claim (no fault!) with them and, again, no hassle excellent service.  A very different experience to most competitive motor insurers. Would not hesitate to recommend and use again and again.”

“iKube gave me the cheapest quote at renewal, that’s why I stayed for the second year. It doesn’t bother me not being able to drive late.”

Sally, Lincoln

“Insurance costs for young drivers are getting out of control, iKube allows me to take control and prove I deserve to pay less.”

Mukesh, Leeds

“In my 3rd year of renewal I was offered an unrestricted policy, young drivers can be rewarded financially for behaving on the road.”

Jake, Nottingham

“iKube looks past the unfair stereotype of young drivers. I’m now starting off my second year with iKube, I remain happy.”

Jane, Penzance