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Consider Motoring Costs Before Buying

Young Driver Guides From iKube Insurance

Young Drivers Should Consider Motoring Costs Before Buying

Young drivers insurance - black box insurance from iKubeIf you've just passed your test then you're probably looking to buy yourself a car, if you don't already have one as well as some form of young drivers insurance.

Unfortunately the cost of motoring is forever increasing, whether it's the cost of fuel, the cost of insurance, MOT, road tax, etc.

Here are a few simple tips to consider when looking to buy:

The Car

Consider the car and engine size. Ask yourself - do I need a big car with a powerful engine? If you're 17 - 25 then probably not. The bigger the car, the bigger the engine - the more expensive it is to run. Most young drivers are better off buying a small car such as a Ford KA or Peugeot 107 - both of which are cheaper to insure, according to a recent study by one of the large insurance comparison websites.*

In addition to this you will find that the cost of fuel is significantly less - a major cost hurdle for many new drivers to overcome, especially students or those on lower incomes.

The Insurance

Did you know that, by using iKube, you could get up to 25% knocked off a standard car insurance policy? Taking out iKube's black box insurance will help to reduce the cost and it's really easy to do.

Once you buy a black box insurance policy with iKube there are just a few simple things to note:

iKube's black box is discreetly installed under the dashboard of your car - this won't interfere with your driving , it simply monitors the time of day you're driving. If you drive between the hours of 11pm - 5am (the time of day when it is statistically most dangerous to drive - according to IAM) then we charge you an additional £100.

You could call it curfew car insurance but iKube prefers to think of it as "safe" car insurance. iKube simply wants to keep you safe whilst you're on the road and, by not driving late at night, you could significantly reduce your chances of having a serious accident.

When you come to renew your black box insurance did you know that iKube can offer you up to 40% off your insurance premium as long as you've been a safe, conscientious driver? Pretty cool eh?!

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