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Beating Tiredness Whilst Driving

Young Driver Guides From iKube Insurance

Top Tips for Young Drivers to Combat Tiredness

It can be stressful and extremely tiring when faced with the day-to-day rigours of the working World, especially in an age where it’s almost non-stop. Unfortunately, when things do begin to slow down the human body can’t always cope with it.

Tiredness is a real danger whilst on the road, especially since you have to be constantly alert at the wheel. As a young motorist it is important to stay safe on the road as well as prevent you having to make a claim on your young drivers’ insurance. As a result we have produced a quick list of ways you can help to stay awake whilst on the move.

1.) Slow it down & Take a Break
Feeling tired at the wheel of your car is a danger so, why not pull over in a safe place and take it easy for a few minutes – stop for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, stretch your legs and take a few deep breaths of fresh air. Then, when you’re feeling up to it – carry on with your drive.

2.) Get a good night’s rest
If you know that you have a busy day on the road the next day, make sure you get some sleep. A good night’s sleep will help to rejuvenate you and help to prevent tiredness and fatigue.

3.) Try to de-stress
It’s surprising how much stress and tension can really eat away at your energy levels and increase the likelihood of you tiring easily. You should try to relax before undertaking a long journey and avoid doing anything that could increase your levels of stress.

4.) Eat Well
Eat foods that will give you sustained energy levels – such as porridge, as this is high in carbohydrate and will sustain you over a longer period of time.

5.) Exercise regularly
Taking up some form of exercise, whether it’s simply walking, going for a swim or running, is important. It sounds odd but doing some exercise on a regular basis can lead to an increase in energy levels. Whilst we’re not advocating that you should go for a 6 mile run before driving a long distance, it’s worth doing some exercise a couple of hours a week to keep your energy at a good level and help prevent tiredness.

6.) Avoid late night driving
Driving late at night should be avoided where possible. Apart from the fact that iKube’s young driver insurance scheme discourages this through its “red hour” policy, it can be extremely hazardous to your health, as your field of vision is decreased and your awareness could drop due to tiredness. There is also a very real risk of falling asleep whilst at the wheel.

7.) Try to keep yourself awake
If you have to drive at night try to keep yourself awake – open a window to get fresh air circulating in your car, turn on the radio and maybe chew some gum to keep yourself busy.

8.) Sleep
If you really start to feel the effects of tiredness whilst driving at night then you should find a motel or a service station and rest – even if it’s for a mere 20 minutes (known as a power nap). This could mean the difference between a serious accident or a safe drive…

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