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Driving In The Fog

Young Driver Guides From iKube Insurance

Top Ten Tips For Young Drivers Driving In Fog

Driving in fog is not advised at the best of times, however, there are some instances where this is simply not possible, especially when fog emerges suddenly - it can be unavoidable.

Here is a quick list of precautions should you get affected by fog whilst driving:

1.) Switch on your fog lights
You should switch on the car's headlights, dip them if necessary, and turn on the fog lights if visibility is greatly reduced. However, bear in mind that fog lights are very bright, so if you are able to see a vehicle behind you then there is a strong likelihood that they can see you. You may want to consider switching fog lights off if this is the case as they will dazzle other motorists.

2.) Watch your distance
Avoid following other vehicles too closely because, if you need to stop suddenly the breaking distance is greatly reduced, increasing the chances of accidents and claims on your young drivers insurance.

3.) Be aware of your speed
You should drive at a safe, controllable speed that is appropriate for the weather conditions. If you are driving in foggy weather then be aware of other traffic around you and keep an eye out for illuminated fog signs alerting you to speed changes or other warnings.

4.) Be aware of wet or icy weather
Foggy conditions can not only bring wet weather with it but, if it's a particularly icy cold day, then you may be subjected to slippery conditions so drive carefully. Switch on your de-mister and windscreen wipers if need be.

5.) Be aware of other road users not using headlights
As surprising as it sounds there are some drivers who do not switch on their headlights (or forget to) so it's important to be aware that other road users may not use headlights.

6.) Try to avoid distractions
When it's really foggy it's essential that you keep your eyes on the road and your ears open, for traffic you may not be able to see. If you are caught driving recklessly then you could face fines and points - this won't go down well when you come to renew your young drivers insurance.

7.) Check your mirrors
Always check your mirrors before slowing down or speeding up - you never know when another road user may creep up on you.

8.) Stop at junctions
If you approach a junction with limited visibility then you should stop the car, wind down the window and listen for traffic. If you are sure that you are safe to emerge then do so, but positively and never hesitate in a position that puts you in the path of approaching vehicles.

9.) Fuel her up
It's important to ensure that your car is well fuelled up in case of delays due to poor weather conditions or incidents related to it.

10.) Stay warm and safe
It's always useful to have a spare jumper or jacket in the car if temperatures really drop or should your car breakdown. It is also worth considering a high visibility jacket and torch should you need to get out of the vehicle.

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