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Eco-Driving Tips

Young Driver Guides From iKube Insurance

Top Eco-Safe Driving Tips For Young Drivers

With fuel prices at an all-time high many young drivers are finding the cost of driving to be a real strain on their wallets. However, we have a few simple tips, costing you little to nothing to help save on fuel costs:

  1. Slow your car down. We know how this sounds – boring, however, did you know that driving above 50mph, driving as little as 10% faster will use between 10 – 20% more fuel than normal. This is due to the fact that air resistance is so much higher at this speed.
  2. Close Those Windows. Ok, so it’s a nice hot day – the windows are down, the sunroof open – but have you stopped to think about the cost? Closing your sunroof and windows reduces air resistance and, subsequently, reduces the amount of fuel you use.
  3. Air Conditioning. You have your windows and sunroof closed, it’s a scorching hot day but… air conditioning will cost you money, however, you’ll be relieved to hear that, at speed, switching on the air conditioning will still be cheaper than opening the windows.
  4. Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Junk? Are you driving around with a lot of excess junk in your trunk? Then shed it – empty out your car of anything heavy you have in it and this will help reduce the number of times you need to fill the car up.
  5. Check Your Tyre Pressure. Did you know that sticking to the recommended amount of pressure in your tyres will not only save you fuel but will also help improve road handling?
  6. Use High Gears. A lot of power is wasted at low speed so moving up to higher gears actually reduces the amount of work the car has to do.
  7. Get Your Car Serviced Regularly. Ensuring that your car is serviced and checked on a regular basis will help to spot any problems before they happen.

We appreciate that a lot of these suggestions are pretty boring (and sometimes simply impractical) to follow some of these elements all the time, however, driving in this manner could keep you safe and save you money when you’re out on the road!

To bring the cost of keeping your car on the road down you may like to consider taking out young drivers car insurance with us and save yourself (and your parents) a packet! Alternatively, if you're still learning to drive then feel free to check out our learner driver insurance package.

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