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Mobile Phone Use Whilst Driving - The Dangers

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The Dangers Of Mobile Phones When Driving

As a young driver you probably already know that using a mobile phone whilst driving isn’t a good idea. But do you know the real risks when driving whilst talking on your mobile?

Check out our top reasons why you shouldn’t be on your mobile whilst driving:

It’s against the law

If you’re caught using a mobile phone whilst driving you could be facing a fine of £60 as well as 3 penalty points on your driving licence and, as a young driver, this is simply a price you can’t afford. Repeat offenders could have their driving licence revoked and face a ban from driving, pushing up your young drivers insurance premium.

It’s simply very dangerous

Did you know that around a quarter of all police reported road accidents are due to drivers becoming distracted at the wheel? According to research carried out by the University of Sydney, the risk of car accidents are 4 times higher when driving and talking on your mobile phone?

Hands-free mobile phones are not a safer bet

Whilst using a hands-free mobile phone may seem like a good idea there have been suggestions that this can be equally distracting and dangerous to a held-mobile whilst driving.

A study by the Transport Research Laboratory suggests that drivers are as much as 30% slower to react than those slightly over the legal alcohol limit. In addition to this, for up to 10 minutes after a conversation the driver’s reflexes remain relatively dulled.

So – before you consider answering your phone or calling someone whilst driving – think again and bear-in-mind that it could save you fines, licence points, hikes in your young drivers car insurance and even lives.

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