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Sharing The Road With Cyclists

Young Driver Guides From iKube Insurance

Top Tips for Young Drivers on Sharing the Road with Cyclists

As a young driver it can be all too easy to get frustrated with cyclists on the road as they are a lot slower than motorised vehicles and can hold up traffic. However, they do have as much right to use the road as anyone else, which is why it is so important to take care around cyclists whilst driving to make the roads safer for everyone.

As cycling increases in popularity throughout the UK, for both commuting and leisure purposes, it is surprising that many drivers are still unaware of the rules of the road where cyclists are concerned, which could lead to accidents.

Unfortunately accidents involving cyclists do happen, with both cyclists and motorists incurring vehicle damage and injuries. Here are a few points to consider when out on the road and to help minimise the need to make a young driver insurance or learner driver insurance (if you’re still learning) claim:

1. Give space and slow it down

In many circumstances it can be almost impossible to predict what cyclists are intending to do. As a result it is advisable to slow down and stay a good distance behind them until you're sure it's safe to overtake.

2. Don't forget the shoulder check

If you're going to make a turn it's really important to check the inside lane to make sure that a cyclist is not approaching your blind spot.

3. Stay out of the bike lane

As a motorist you should never drive or park your car in a bike lane. Remember - if a bike has to swerve to avoid your car then it could lead to a serious accident.

4. Don't race the cyclist to the turning

Never accelerate past a cyclist at a junction as this is more likely to cause an accident. You should allow the cyclist to get past the junction and then make the turn.

5. Check your car doors

When going to park your car you should check your mirrors and look over your shoulder before opening the car door to ensure you don't hit a cyclist when leaving your vehicle.

6. Turn off your mobile phone

Apart from the fact that it is against the law to talk on your phone whilst driving, it's also a major distraction. If you're not giving other road users your full attention then you could be raising the chances of being involved in a serious accident. Should you be involved in an accident involving a cyclist or any other road user then make sure you're covered with young drivers insurance or provisional insurance (if you're still learning to drive).

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