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Winter Driving - Being Prepared

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Preparing For Winter Driving - 10 Things to Carry In Your Car

Preparing for winter drivingNow that winter has really set in many people are starting to feel the effects - most notably on driving conditions, whether you're driving in pouring rain, driving on icy roads or battling through snow.

So here's a list of items you may want to consider carrying with you in case you get caught out or stuck whilst on the road (other than a pen and paper should you get in an accident and you need to take down details should you need to claim against your young drivers insurance.):

1. A shovel

If you get stuck in the snow (or mud) then a shovel could be a life-saver. It might even be worth investing in a proper snow-shovel - it helps to clear any snow far quicker than a standard one.

2. A torch

Having a torch stored somewhere in the glovebox of your car is vital. If you get stranded at night you have some form of light. Whilst a battery operated torch seems to be the most obvious choice you could consider a wind-up dynamo torch that doesn't require batteries. So if your torch runs out of juice - simply wind it up and voila!

3. Food

Did you know that in cold weather, especially if temperatures drop below freezing, your body uses up a lot more basic energy when compared to the amount of energy it takes to live at room temperature (around 60 – 70 degrees farenheit)? You should consider storing high calorie food bars or other non-spoilable food that can help you survive if you get stranded at night in sub-zero conditions.

4. Drinkable Water

Most people can survive days without food, not that many of us would want to risk it, but without water you could dehydrate and potentially die as a result of organ failure. Pretty gruesome eh?!

So it’s extremely important to carry bottles of water with you so that if you are stranded overnight or, God forbid, days you will have a good chance of surviving. In addition – if your car overheats the water could be used to cool it enough to get it running again.

5. Waterproofs and warm clothing

This might seem an obvious one but you’d be surprised at the number of people who go out in poor weather unprepared for the worst. If you get stuck in your car late at night in cold weather then your body will lose heat very quickly. It’s important to have a spare jumper, warm jacket and maybe even a fleecy blanket to-hand.

6. A Map

This might seem a silly and obvious one to many of us, however, you’d be surprised at the number of people who purely rely on technology, such as a SatNav, to get them places.

Whilst a SatNav is great it isn’t a match for a road atlas… let’s face it – a road atlas doesn’t break-down or switch off. A road atlas is to-hand (as long as you have it in the car) when you need it.

7. A mobile phone charger than runs off the cigarette lighter

If you get stranded for a few hours or even overnight and your phone isn’t fully-charged then there is always the risk that the battery could run dry. Having a portable mobile phone charger can help to prevent this from happening.

8. A spare tyre and repair tools

If your tyre gets a puncture then the last thing you want is to be caught out without a workable spare or the means to change the punctured tyre.

9. Jumper cables

If your car battery runs flat then you could be left stranded if you have no means of recharging it. Having a pair of jumper cables in the car could help prevent this (as long as there is another workable car in the area that could help recharge your battery).

10. First-aid kit

In wet, icy or snowy conditions a first-aid kit is essential. If you do get into an accident and are injured or a passenger is injured then it could make all the difference – especially if help is hours or days away.

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