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Newly Qualified Drivers - Hints & Tips

Young Driver Guides From iKube Insurance

Hints & Tips For Newly Qualified Young Drivers

There is truly a moment of satisfaction when the L-plates finally come off the car as a newly qualified young driver and you can upgrade your learner driver insurance, however, iKube appreciates that the road can still be a daunting place for new drivers.

It's worth remembering - that even the most seasoned driver on the road is constantly learning and, as a driver, you never really stop.

iKube have come up with a few, simple hints and tips to help keep you safe on the road:

1.) If you're going somewhere unfamiliar always plan ahead - make sure you read a map and plan your journey before leaving the driveway.

2.) Make sure you have torches, local maps and maybe a mini first-aid kit in your glove-box. These could prove invaluable should you get lost, breakdown or get involved in an accident. It may also be worth carrying a young drivers insurance claims pack in case you need to take accident details and make a claim on your young driver insurance.

3.) Make sure you know which side your fuel cap is on to avoid embarrassment when you go to fill your car up.

4.) Make sure you have a mobile phone with you in the event of an emergency, however, legally you must pull over and stop in a safe place before calling or texting anyone.

5.) The first few times you go out of the road can be rather scary so there is no harm in asking an older, more experienced driver to go with you. Remember - as a driver you're constantly learning so there is no shame in this.

6.) Practice driving regularly - practicing your driving on a regular basis can make you a safer, more confident driver.

7.) Drive at a safe speed appropriate for the road and weather conditions and don't exceed the speed limit.

8.) Avoid putting the radio on at a loud volume - whilst it's nice to have some background music whilst driving having a radio turned up loud can be a major distraction whilst on the road.

9.) When parking your car try to take your time and don't get stressed by other motorists waiting for you. It's important to get this right so that you don't hit any other parked vehicles and can park in such a way that it is easy for you to pull-out.

10.) Don't rush - try to relax into the drive and try to avoid rushing things such as gear changes, pulling away sharply and avoid harsh braking. This kind of driving will only lead to more stress and other irate drivers.

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