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Cheap Insurance - Not Always The Best Option

Young Driver Guides From iKube Insurance

Cheap young driver insurance isn’t always the best option

Young drivers insurance is so expensive it’s easy to see why some young drivers and parents of young drivers opt for the cheapest option and decide to cut corners. However, is it worth cutting corners on cover when it comes to the safety of your kids?

iKube, specialists in young drivers car insurance, understands the pressures some young drivers face when it comes to affording their own insurance, but there is a right and wrong way of getting to the same result – affordable young driver insurance.

The wrong way: FRONTING

Parents may want to save on crippling costs by 'fronting' their children. Car insurance fronting is classed as insurance fraud, however many parents carry it out without ever realising it is a criminal offence.

Fronting occurs when the insurer is deceived as to who the owner of the vehicle is.  The owner of the vehicle must be the policy holder and the main driver. Premiums are cut by hundreds of pounds by placing the parent as the policy holder and the main user but claims are rejected as the driver is told they are not properly insured. The young driver may also find themselves in court. Young drivers are then faced with the awful predicament of having to pay for the damage to their own car; the other car, potentially damaged property and a possible court appearance – and they aren’t even 25 yet.

The right way: Pass Plus

If you need to find a way of getting a cheaper young driver car insurance quote, then Pass Plus should be towards the top of your list. It’s legal and can only aid your child’s driving experience – if nothing else. According to iKube, Pass Plus is a great way to help young drivers get their first year’s car insurance. Almost 75% of all those insured with iKube have taken Pass Plus and therefore saved enough money to make the 6 hour course worth taking. Insurers that accept Pass Plus can offer discounts ranging from 5% up to over 40% and some council’s may even pay towards the cost of the course.

Added to the great discounts iKube offer for Pass Plus, iKube also incentivises young drivers to stay off the road when they are statistically more at risk of a fatal accident – 11pm to 5am. Known as tracker insurance or telematics insurance, iKube is a GPS telematics based young driver insurance scheme. Insurers believe that young drivers are more at risk of being involved in a fatal accident at night – thus more of a risk and therefore a higher premium is charged. One way of getting around this problem is to not drive when most at risk, so reducing the risk. That’s how iKube works.

If you agree to not drive between 11pm and 5am, iKube offers a telematics discount. This discount, in addition to the iKube discount for Pass Plus, can make all the difference.

It may not work for everyone. But for many people, in fact thousands young drivers, think iKube works for them.

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