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Find Out How Black Box Insurance Works

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Black Box Insurance - How Does It Work?

A lot of young drivers have heard about black box insurance but many are still confused as to how it actually works.

iKube's black box insurance simply uses a small, handheld device that sits under the car's dashboard. It doesn't affect the running of the car or interfere with your driving in any way whatsoever. It simply records data and reports information back to the insurance firm on how the car is being driven.

iKube can use the black box as a way of identifying certain parameters about your driving habits, including:

  • Speed of the car whilst travelling
  • Length of time travelled
  • Acceleration and braking levels
  • Accidents
  • Types of roads used

However, the main area iKube is really interested in is simply the time of day you drive - this is the simple, yet clever bit...

iKube asks that young drivers stay off the road between 11pm - 5am (the red hours) as this time is statistically the most likely period in which a young driver could be involved in an accident.

Should the driver drive during this time iKube won't increase the black box insurance premium but will charge £100 penalty - so really just an incentive to stay off the road late at night.

As long as you can stick to this ONE simple rule then bingo! You could save up to 25% on your young drivers car insurance. In addition to this, on renewal, iKube could offer you up to 40% off your black box insurance renewal depending on how safely and conscientiously you drive – simply based on the data we collect about your driving style. So iKube bases your car insurance premium on you – not on the young driver stereotype.

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