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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of times I can drive in the red hours before my young drivers insurance is cancelled? There is no limit to the number of times you can drive in the red hours; however, the iKube young drivers’ car insurance scheme is in place to help you save money. If you will be frequently driving your vehicle during the Red Hours then perhaps iKube is not for you.

An additional charge is applied each night you use your vehicle in the Red Hours. If you do not use or move your car during the 'red hours' you will not be charged this fee and all you will pay is your usual monthly or annual car insurance premium.

Failure to pay any premiums may result in your policy being cancelled.

What is really tracked by the iKube box and will iKube pass this data on to any third parties? The iKube box is fitted so we can see if your car is driven between 11pm and 5am, it also allows us to make further discounts at renewal for good driving. It may also be used under special circumstances or if it's required for the prevention and detection of crime, we do not use it for any other reason.

I might need to move my car after 11pm if I've blocking someone in my driveway. Will I be charged? No. We understand that you may need to move your car in circumstances such as this. As long as your car does not move more than 100 metres then you will not be charged additional premiums on your young drivers insurance.

Do I have to have the Pass Plus qualification? No, it isn’t necessary to have the Pass Plus qualification beforehand, however, if you do have the pass plus, statistically you are less likely to have an accident. iKube rewards this by providing a competitive discount for the pass plus qualification. This could greatly cut the cost of your young driver car insurance premium further still. You don't need to complete the pass plus before you take out the policy, iKube will allow you 30 days from the start of the policy in which to complete the course.

There is a great deal of government funding available for road safety and pass plus. To find out more you may wish to look at The pass plus website gives further details on the course and many of the councils that are involved offer a reduced price scheme.

Can I still earn No Claim Bonus on iKube? Yes you can. When it comes to earning No Claims Bonus or No Claims Discount, iKube works no differently to any other insurance policy. On completion of a full term of young driver insurance (12 months) you will build up a one year No Claims Bonus which can then be transferred to your next car insurance policy at renewal. This is subject to there being no fault claims during the life of the policy.

Am I able to alter the "Red Hours" to suit my own needs? Unfortunately this is not possible. The "Red Hours" are in place to protect you. Road Safety statistics have proven that young drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents during the period of 11pm – 5am (the red hours).

Does my vehicle have to be parked at my home address during the "Red Hours"? No. As long as your vehicle is not being driven or moved during the "Red Hours" then your vehicle can be parked up anywhere in the U.K.

How many and what type of modifications are allowed? Dependent on insurer, iKube will allow minor cosmetic changes to your vehicle. However, all modifications need to be referred and must be disclosed.

Will I be allowed to drive other cars on the iKube policy? I'm afraid not. iKube young drivers insurance offers great value comprehensive cover for you to drive the insured car only.

Can I get insurance with iKube if I do not own the car? iKube is designed to allow young drivers (aged 17 - 25) gain their own No Claims Discount on their own vehicle. Hence, the insured (i.e. main driver) must also be the registered owner and keeper of the insured vehicle.

Can I insure my car in my parent's name? No. This is known as "insurance fronting" which is illegal and classified as obtaining insurance by deception. If the vehicle is solely or predominantly used by the young driver the car insurance policy must be insured in the main driver’s name. If the insurer finds out they are likely to cancel the policy or worse still, in the event of an accident, refuse to pay out.

However, there is a considerable discount for adding a parent (one other mature driver) as a named driver on your iKube policy. As long as the named driver is not over 70 years of age and is only a casual user this can make a significant difference to the car insurance premium.

I have a motorbike and I'm coming up to my first years no claims discount. Could I transfer this across to my car policy with iKube young drivers insurance? Like most car insurance policies, I'm afraid we do not accept no claims discount that are earned on motorbikes.

Can I add my girlfriend/boyfriend on the iKube policy? iKube young drivers car insurance will allow named drivers on the policy, however, the policy holder must be the youngest driver on the car insurance policy. Drivers under 25 can be added as a named driver but they must be a spouse, common-law spouse or brother/sister. If the named driver is over 25 there are no restrictions in that sense however all named drivers must fit the iKube criteria and be legally fit to drive.

My son has been a named driver whilst learning to drive on my daughters car insurance policy. Now he has passed his test, I'd like him to have his own policy, and work towards his own NCD. He won't be driving much at night. Does your system allow him to use her car? To be eligible for the iKube scheme, the young driver (policyholder) needs to be the owner of the vehicle and the main driver so in this example I'm afraid iKube would not be the right solution for your son.

Can parents also use the car that has been fitted with the iKube box and how does the system know when they use it out of hours? Parents can use the car provided that they have "driving any other vehicles extension” on their own insurance, alternatively they will need to be added to the insurance as named drivers (not main drivers). As the iKube device is fitted to the car, regardless of who is driving, if the car is driven between 11pm and 5am, the Red Hour Charge applies.

Can I have a non-UK drivers licence? iKube young drivers insurance can accept both full UK and European drivers licences but is unable to accept international licences.

Can I drive abroad? Yes, the iKube policy does allow driving within the EU. Dependent on the insurer, you can drive for up to 90 days (3 months) within each policy year.

iKube has been developed to provide excellent cover at low cost so that young drivers could insure their own vehicles.

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