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Customer reviews about iKube's Black Box Insurance

Celebrating Our Longest Running iKube Client Who Has Renewed For A 7th Year!

  • Name - Mr Sean David Surridge
  • Current Age - 23
  • Location/area - Trethomas, Caerphilly
  • Occupation - Student
  • First car make/model - Fiat Punto
  • Has he changed the car since first insuring with iKube? - Had same car since coming to us
  • What was his biggest attraction to choose iKube 7 years ago? - Helped to get the cost of the insurance down
  • Most beneficial aspect of black box insurance? - Reducing the cost, the safety aspect of the policy
  • Describe the iKube service in 3 words? - Helpful, Really Good
  • How likely would you be to recommend iKube to a friend/or colleague. - Very likely

(November, 2014)

"I am happy with everything and extremely happy with the service I have been provided. Everyone was super friendly and having the box put in was quick and easy and it doesn't affect your driving experience one bit."

"It's great to be given a sizeable reduction in the cost of insurance in exchange for not driving after 11pm. It is a very small price to pay and something that I didn't even think would exist a few years ago. I also find it refreshing that iKube is able to look past the unfair stereotype of young drivers and actively reward people for sensible driving. Starting off my second year with iKube, I remain happy with the service"

Ben, Penzance

“At first I was a bit unsure about not being able to drive after 11pm, but after a few weeks I realised that I didn't need to drive after that time anyway, and now starting my third year I don't even think about it. Plus the price was half the price of the best quote I had been given elsewhere!”

"I like being insured with iKube. They gave me the cheapest quote at renewal and that's why I stayed with iKube for the second year. It doesn't bother me not being able to drive after 11pm."

“iKube have really helped me get started, they offered me a great deal as a new customer and now I’m into my 3rd year. The iKube box has helped me prove to iKube that I deserve to be rewarded for driving well, and iKube have been true to their word – this year they offered me a good driving discount (on top of No Claims Bonus) and an unrestricted policy – so I no longer have to worry about driving after 11pm. Insurance costs for young drivers are getting out of control, iKube allows me to take control and prove I deserve to pay less.”

"I am now going into my 3rd year of insurance with iKube, I first joined iKube as it offered competitive rates and assisted young drivers in getting affordable insurance, unlike other insurance companies who charge extortionate and unrealistic premiums. The concept of the iKube tracking systems rewards good young drivers who are branded with the "reckless and dangerous" tag by other insurance companies, I was delighted when in my 3rd year of renewal I was offered an unrestricted policy due to good driving behaviours; it proved that good young drivers can be rewarded financially for behaving on the road."

"I am happy with the service as it is relatively cheap for my age and can get hold of any advisors for the company very easily without any hassle. Also, not being able to drive in the red hours helped as it reduced the price significantly."

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