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Your Data -

Our Promise From iKube Insurance

Young Drivers Insurance: Your data and our promise to you

We understand that you may have concerns regarding the use of any data that is collected by your iKube telematics GPS box.

GPS is not a new invention, but its use for young drivers insurance purposes is new enough to spark possible questions. Below is our customer promise. It sets out to confirm how any data collected by your iKube box is used.

  • We will only pass your data to police or other civil authorities if required by Law, or should we suspect it indicates evidence of fraud or attempted fraud.

  • In the event of a claim, we and your insurer may use the data to fully understand the circumstances of a young drivers insurance claim and in particular to identify any fraudulent claims including those against you.

  • We are legally and duty bound to protect your data and keep it safe.  Data is only supplied to those who are contractually required to maintain its security and accuracy.

  • In preparation for your young drivers insurance renewal, we will analyse your data to see if there are any factors, which can influence a preferable renewal premium from our insurers.  For example, we will confirm the exact mileage in the year and use that to provide a much better estimate than may have been possible when you first took out your policy.

  • Just like any other system that takes advantage of GPS (such as mobile phones), data may be used for purposes other than our core need (such as traffic analysis).  Should this occur all personal data will be removed so that collective averages can be used rather than data relating to a particular individual.

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