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Behavioural Insurance Discounts From iKube

Saving You Money Long-Term

Behavioural Discounts can make all the difference at renewal

As you know, iKube is a telematics based insurance policy that rewards young drivers with preferential rates on their insurance in return for having an iKube box fitted to their car. iKube not only helps you afford your first year’s insurance, but the little 'magic black box' has been working for you - every time you drive. Recording your driving behaviour, iKube will use this to work out your renewal premium. 

If you want to be one of the 75% that get a behavioural based discount, or one of the 40% that have their night time driving restrictions removed, here are a few top tips:

  • Try not to drive during the iKube Red Hours - you are still insured if you do, but those that do not drive during the red hours may get a bigger renewal discount than those that do so on a regular basis. You will also incur charges if you drive in these hours.
  • Stick to the speed limit!  Pretty obvious really but it's worth pointing out that good behaviours are rewarded - these include driving within the law.
  • Annual Mileage - as the black box works via GPS we can, with great accuracy, understand your actual mileage.  If this is the same as the miles you said you'd cover when you first took out iKube, this will help you with a renewal discount too.

Pay insurance based on you - not others like you

A recent friend of iKube on Facebook, when talking about young driver insurance, wrote the following message.

"We are paying a high price simply because of our age which is very unfair."

If you are fed up with being tarred with the same brush, placed in a bracket with other young drivers, charged the same just because of your age - then we are pleased to say that times are changing with iKube's young drivers insurance.

At iKube, we believe that young drivers should not be bundled together and labelled as high risk - just because of their age.  We've been helping thousands of young drivers get affordable telematics car insurance since 2006.  Over these years, we've been working hard with our insurers to prove that young drivers deserve to be treated as individuals.

Year 1 When you first come on board with iKube, we offer you a safer driving discount.  By agreeing to have an iKube box fitted to your car and agreeing not to use the insured vehicle between the iKube red hours, you will get a specially agreed (discounted) young drivers insurance premium.

Year 2 and beyond - Any data that the iKube black box has recorded over the first year of your car insurance is used to provide you with an individual renewal premium. Your renewal premium will be based on things such as:

  • Average speeds on different types of road.   
  • Types of roads travelled on - it's not only cars that have a risk factor.
  • Actual (not estimated) annual mileage and how often you have driven during the iKube red hours, if any.

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